Sutton Atlantis Swimming Club

Welcoming new swimmers for lessons or club level swimming

Welcome to Sutton Atlantis Swimming Club

We are a friendly Swim 21 accredited swimming club for children and teenagers based in the Sutton, Caterham, Epsom and Croydon. The club and its coaches are passionate about providing the community with a quality teaching and coaching experience to allow all abilities the opportunity to develop and improve their skills.

Our teaching school gives the opportunity for beginners and those that want to improve their skills to learn at an accelerated rate with low swimmer to teacher ratios, and follows the ASA National Swim Plan.

The coaching squads allow for all abilities, from swimmers who want to keep fit to those that enter the county and regional championships. The squads provide a structured approach to allow swimmers to reach their full potential with training geared to the required level as well as competitions at club, inter-club, open and county championship galas.

The club is affiliated to the ASA, London ASA, Croydon Swimming Association and Sutton Swimming Association. The ASA Swim 21 accreditation process is central to the running and future development of the club allowing the committee to ensure it delivers a quality and dedicated experience for all swimmers.


Enter the Atlantians!

By on 28/02/2015

This weekend sees the debut of the new White Sutton Atlantis swimming hat which in future will be presented to swimmers who swim for the club in County or Arena League events.

As some of you may be aware Atlantis is a Greek legend associated to a mythical lost island with elements of Greek legend attributing the disappearance of Atlantis to massive volcanic activity.  In such legend there are three colours associated to the Atlantian myth with these based on the colour of the landscape of Thera in Santorini which is where Atlantis is often thought to existed.

Black – representing the volcanic rock on which everything is built;

White – being the ash and pumice stone; and

Red – which is the lava.

With the Atlantis identity forming a key part of the name of our swimming club and our logo, the club has decided to extend this further by introducing new kit which reflects the progress of swimmers.  The Black club hat will remain the key foundation of our swimming identity; in much the same way as the volcanic rock of Thera is used to support everything that exists.  Without the Black Hats there is no club on which to build our future success and in the same way as volcanic rock eventually gets turned into pumice stone and lava we would hope that all Black Hats move onwards and upwards.

The new White hat, being debuted this weekend, represents the next level of progress of the swimmer and reflects their movement from being part of the core foundation of the club to one of our improving achievers.  Much like when a volcano starts to emit ash in the run up to a full eruption the White Hat indicates that something special is about to happen when the wearer enters the water.  In fact, to use another analogy, just as the White Shark is the greatest predator/hunter on Earth so will our Sharks be demonstrating their aim to be our most efficient, organised and ruthless swimmers.

This then leads to the Red Hat.  Currently not held by anyone the Red hat will be awarded by the club to anyone swimming at a level above county galas.  Entry into Regional, National or selected very high level Open Galas will receive a Red Hat indicating that the swimmer truly is a warrior of Atlantis.

In line with our club ethos of every swimmer being able to achieve the best they possibly can in line with their own abilities we hope that by introducing this additional reward and recognition strategy swimmers will be motivated to continue to apply themselves in their training and development and move through the club identities, always striving to be best that they can. Hard work always deserves rewards and this is just one of the exciting developments being introduced by the club to reinforce this.

Well done to all swimmers about to receive their White Hats and let’s see how quickly we can get a Red Hat!


Adult Swimming lessons?

By on 18/02/2015

We have had a number of parents approach us asking if we offer adult swimming sessions. As a result we are looking at providing this facility during the regular session at Whitgift on Wednesday evenings from 7.30-8.30.   The cost

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By on 02/02/2015

The annual membership fee for all swimmers at the club is now due for renewal. In order to maintain a concurrent membership parents of all swimmers must make a bank transfer of £48 per swimmer using the reference: Rnw [child(ren)s


Gala Central Update

By on 31/01/2015

Our Gala Central page has undergone a bit of a revamp with more information added in respect of Team Galas and the Coaching Team’s approach to team selection, and (hopefully) clearer information about forthcoming events which we plan to enter.